PlayFramework.apply() is a multi-part series exploring building an application using the Play Framework. The project progresses from a default activator template to building an online ticket web store.

All of the code examples are also available in a complete GitHub repository tagged at the end of each post. There is also a Gitter chat channel dedicated to discussion about the series for support in any problems that readers may encounter while following along.

Published Posts

PlayFramework.apply(0) = “Templates, Routes and AJAX”

PlayFramework.apply(1) = “Upgrading the Framework”

PlayFramework.apply(2) = “Reading, Writing and Evolving”

PlayFramework.apply(3) = “Managing Concurrent State with Actors”

PlayFramework.apply(4) = “Optimistic Future Composition”

PlayFramework.apply(5) = “Writing a React UI in CoffeeScript”

PlayFramework.apply(6) = “CSRF Prevention”